Policy and Strategy

Faculty of Science and Technology Policies and Strategies

1. Policies and Strategies in Teaching Quality Development

            1. To develop every program for academic excellence.

            2. To improve and develop the teaching programs to meet the stakeholders’ needs.

            3. To strengthen the instruction in fundamental science courses.

            4. To promote and develop the factors for adequate and state-of-the-art education.

            5. To enhance personnel’s qualifications and academic positions.

            6. To promote and develop quality assurance at the international standard level.


2. Policies and Strategies in Student Quality Development

            1. To produce graduates with knowledge and skills for actual work performance.

            2. To produce graduates with virtue and morality.

            3. To promote activities for student affairs in five aspects.

            4. To promote and develop students with good attitudes, useful living, service mind

                and social development. 

            5. To support roles and strengths of the student union.


3. Policies and Strategies in Research, Invention and Innovation

            1. To create adequate infrastructure and facilities for research.

            2. To promote and increase research standards in both quality and quantity for

                utilization in the community and the country.

            3. To promote integrated research as well as cooperation among researchers through

                research network.


4. Policies and Strategies in Academic Services to the Society

            1. To develop the systems and factors to support academic services in science and

                technology in meeting the community needs.

            2. To promote academic projects with income.


5. Policies and Strategies in Art and Culture Preservation

            1. To create personnel and students’ consciousness in valuing the art, culture and

                Thai wisdom.

            2. To support student activities in art and culture preservation.

            3. To create joint network in art and culture preservation.


6. Policies and Strategies in Resource Management Administration

            1. To use good governance in work administration.

            2. To promote the joint resource management administration efficiently.

            3. To follow and control the use of budget efficiently.

            4. To promote the provision of income in concrete forms.