Vision and Mission


The Faculty of Science and Technology envisions to produce quality graduates focusing on knowledge, skills, research, invention and innovation which are useful for the development of economy, society and environment.


1. To produce quality graduates in science and technology focusing on knowledge, skills,

    virtues and morality.

2. To do research, invention and innovation to satisfy the needs in developing the economy of

    community, society and environment.

3. To service academic matters to the community and society by integrating body of

    knowledge from teaching and learning processes as well as research for knowledge


4. To promote and preserve the religion and environment as well as conserve Thai art,

    culture and local wisdom.

5. To administer the organization efficiently.



1. To produce quality graduates who have knowledge, practice skills, virtue and morality for

    guiding the society.

2. To do research, invention and innovation which respond to the community problems at

    both local and international levels.

3. To service academic knowledge with and without charge for the development of business

    incubation center.

4. To have activities which increase the preservation of religion, art and culture.

5. To have projects or activities which correspond to the conservation of wisdom and


6. To develop the faculty as the actual learning organization.

7. To manage the organization with good governance.